Day 7 · NoBloPoMo 2012 · Procrastination · Remember when?


NoBloPoMo 2012 – Day 7


My 19 year old daughter asks me in a our phone conversation today:

“Mom, how did you procrastinate when you were my age? Because, ya know, there wasn’t Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook.”  (She was talking about going to the library to study when she asked this question.)

Hmmm….well, for starters it really wasn’t that long ago! Ha!

But I will play along:  I was either watched television one of three channels for a long while in my small town until I was in high school then we got TBS and the Weather Channel. Major stuff. I would read (something I wanted to read, not had to for school), practicing (dance team), performing (once again, dance team), out with friends, at the movies, driving around town or on the land line phone. Oh, then I had babysitting jobs that took up some of my time as well.  

When I was younger, I square danced. Second from right.

Freshman year, dance team, homecoming parade. 
I am the one on the very back left.

 Junior Year, second from left, top row, dance team, after camp
Joy (on left), and I selling yearbook advertisements. Ya, we found this photo booth instead.
 We had fun, and the sales that year were still good, but not great.  

Fun memories – thought I would share.

Back to the conversation with Carmen. Trying to remember…I also remember what happened when once, I had a flat tire (around 17 years old) and I had to go up to peoples homes, and knock on their door to see if I could use their phone.  Really.  And other times, if I wanted to call a boy, I found their phone number in the telephone book, dialed the number and the boys parent would answer.  I actually had to converse with an adult to see if they (the boy) was there.  The majority of the time they weren’t, and I ended up thanking them and hanging up without giving my name.

Apparently, I took it too far with that remembrance (with her anyway) ha. Oh well.  Really.

We have too many things to distract us now from the important stuff in life.  I answer the phone when my daughter calls, because one day she will be too distracted to call.  

Jerry Ann


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