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Oven BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

I love cooking with my oven especially when it is cold.  

I love chicken drumsticks or chicken thighs.  Dark meat is juicy, and is easier to process in my new stomach.

I love BBQ, well, store bought sauce, but I love the marinade that I have grown up with.  My Mom and Dad used to BBQ every weekend.

Simple marinade used on everything growing up, from pork ribs to Cornish hens to chicken.  McCormick’s Season Salt; Wishbone Italian dressing; and wine.  Red meat use red wine, white meat use white or rose wine.


So we had a family package of drumsticks defrosted.  So I marinaded them in the above for about a hour.  Then to the oven for a simple prep.  Foil lined baking sheet.  Lay the drumsticks out, and bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes turning over mid way through.

Then sauce with BBQ sauce.  Use your favorite sauce.


Coat one side, bake for about 15 minutes, then turn and coat the other side.  Take the temp of the largest one to ensure proper temperature (165 degrees).  Then enjoy!


We normally serve BBQ with rice and a vegetable.  Tonight I had a drumstick and a 1/2 of an avocado.  David had rice, and no vegetables.  But I am prepped for lunch and dinner for the week. Thank goodness.


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Ahi Tuna Sashimi

So David and I went shopping at Sam’s Club tonight.  We were seriously in need of groceries.  I know that I am not supposed to shop while hungry so I think I ended up getting everything I saw.  Not really, but close.  I ended up getting lots of different protein for meal prep this weekend.  But I also got a small bit of Ahi Tuna.  It was small, and a little fatty.  I ended up trimming off the fat, and prepping it for some sashimi.

I had some green onions, and I always keep soy sauce and sesame oil on hand. So I chopped the tuna, and added the green onions.  Blended the soy sauce with very little oil.  I have always added a squirt of lemon juice to this blend.  It brightens it I think.  I had some sesame seeds as well.  I added that at the end.

I don’t like a lot of oil, and only used very little.  The rest is just to taste. Sprinkle with seeds, and serve chilled.

I love my Epcot plates…perfect for me sashimi.  Two meals anyway, dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.