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Ahi Tuna Sashimi

So David and I went shopping at Sam’s Club tonight.  We were seriously in need of groceries.  I know that I am not supposed to shop while hungry so I think I ended up getting everything I saw.  Not really, but close.  I ended up getting lots of different protein for meal prep this weekend.  But I also got a small bit of Ahi Tuna.  It was small, and a little fatty.  I ended up trimming off the fat, and prepping it for some sashimi.

I had some green onions, and I always keep soy sauce and sesame oil on hand. So I chopped the tuna, and added the green onions.  Blended the soy sauce with very little oil.  I have always added a squirt of lemon juice to this blend.  It brightens it I think.  I had some sesame seeds as well.  I added that at the end.

I don’t like a lot of oil, and only used very little.  The rest is just to taste. Sprinkle with seeds, and serve chilled.

I love my Epcot plates…perfect for me sashimi.  Two meals anyway, dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.





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