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Kale Chips

When Carmen was home last week for Christmas, she brought with her a bag of chopped kale.  She forgot it, and I decided to make some kale chips with it.

I went through the bag (sorted, washed and dried).  Place the kale in the bowl.The secret to baking these chips is using the olive oil sparingly.  Placing about a tablespoon of olive oil in the bowl, then rubbing the leaves with the oil.  You won’t use a lot of oil this way, and each leaf will be thoroughly coated.Place on a baking sheet, bake at 275 degrees for about 15-18 minutes. Some pieces may need longer cooking times, turn those and keep checking on them. These can burn rapidly.

Place the chips in a paper towel and salt immediately.

Store these in a Tupperware or zip lock bag.

I like these. I like the feeling of healthy snacking.  Trying something new…


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Spanish Mackerel & the Gulf

Stephen had the pleasure of going fishing with our friend Tommy and his son Larkin.  
They caught about 10 Spanish Mackerel’s, and brought all of them home for us to eat.

 Tommy sent this picture via his phone, blurry, but still a good photo of the boys.
Tommy filleted the mackerels that they caught for us. 
We kept them cold until ready to cook that afternoon.
I rinsed them, and patted dry.
I used garlic infused oil, pepper, and lemon juice, and let marinate for about 1 hour.
I placed them on parchment paper on a baking sheet, and broiled for about 12 minutes.
The mackerel turned out moist, and really flavorful.
I served it with some sauteed kale and Pancetta.
It was really yummy.
Fresh fish is the best, especially from the Gulf.

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Sauteed Pancetta with Kale and Pasta

I realized the other day, that I haven’t posted a recipe in a while.  Sorry.  I also haven’t been cooking, which explains it, eh?

Oh, well…one of our favorite (kids and I) dishes is pasta.  Sometimes all we do is add olive oil, salt and pepper, oh, and Parmesan cheese.  But, this is my new favorite way (especially when Kale is fresh, and the Pancetta is on sale).

Chop the Pancetta that has been thinly sliced.  Add to a hot pan, begin sauteing until edges are brown.  Add one sweet onion sliced, and 2 to 3 cloves of garlic. Once the onion is translucent, add the kale.  I have to add a pan full, stir, and let it wilt some before adding the rest of the kale (I typically use a 1/2 bag of kale).  Once the kale is wilted (this is your preference on how wilted), add to cooked pasta.  Salt and pepper to your liking, and add cheese.

This serving of pasta is artichoke and ricotta filled tortellini.
The salt from the shaved Parmesan, and the slight smoke flavor from the 
Pancetta was wonderful with the bitterness of the kale.
This is truly one of my go to suppers.
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Sauteed Kale

Sauteed Kale.  Another dish that is, of course, low carb.  I have tried the dried Kale that several bloggers rave about…but I did not like it.  Yes, it was crunchy.  It was also bland, bitter, and just yuk, to me anyway.

I so prefer this…

I have this wonderful garlic infused olive oil. I love the flavor it gives without the burnt garlic (yes, I burn it).
I added a 1/2 of a large purple onion (I love the color contrast).
Saute until translucent
Add a bag of rinse and dried kale.  

Saute until wilted.  Add kosher salt and pepper.

I serve this with many dishes, but recently the zucchini boats.