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Working from home today as I think I have a cold…not the flu! I hope!


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Today is National Cranky Co-Workers Day, National Black Cat Day, and National Potato Day!

I suggest that the cranky co-workers have some french fries and get a hug from a black cat.

Apparently, we are to “Celebrate the day by letting your co-workers be as cranky as they want! Don’t try to cheer them up at all, and let them wallow in their normal crankiness! Celebrate who they are and that there is really no way you can ultimately change them.”  This is per the holiday site.

Really!?  I still like my idea of the french fries and cats.




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I have been in a flare (fever, inflammation, fatigue).  I apologize for not posting anything in the past weeks.  It has seemed like it has been forever ago.  I was really bad and in bed Sunday evening, and Monday.  I went back to work on Tuesday with my fever, and left a little early.  It wasn’t enough rest.  Today is Wednesday, and my longest day at church (work, and then dinner with family, then bible study).  I didn’t make it.  I am home when I normally just finish up with the girls.  This will pass, and I will be better—just need to rest a lot more.

Bear with me.  Hopefully, I will catch up this weekend.
Hope all is well with all of you.

Jerry Ann


Exhausting, painful day

The past week has truly been an exhausting, painful week.  My hips are throbbing to the point of waking me up out of a drugged sleep.  Painful.

Movement is slow.  Sharp pains occur, but it is the dull constant pain that bothers me more.  Sitting is okay until I need to move, then the movement is okay, but for only a short period of time. 

It affects my mood to where is noticeable to everyone. I am a happy person normally around people, but this past week it has been difficult dealing with everyday  moments – challenges. 

Everyone walks with difficulty, sometimes it is apparent, and sometimes it isn’t. 

Smile, encourage someone.  You may be the lift that they need today.

God is good all the time.  All the time God is GOOD!  His grace is awesome.  I am so very blessed.

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Are you an “encourager”? People tell me I am. The majority of the time, I suppose, I am. Today, I am not. Cranky.

Cranky is a term I can deal with. It is fine for others to be cranky but apparently not me. I am always smiling and encouraging. “But, what if I don’t want to be happy today? Do I always have to smile? Wouldn’t that make me hypocritical?” I despise hypocrites. I may tell you my entire life story, several times at that, but I won’t lie about it. Not even to my children. How does one look someone else in the eye and lie? Bold face.

I subscribe to “Journey”, a monthly devotional. Today’s subject was “Radical Obedience.” Obey is a word referenced a lot for me lately. I believe I am obeying God. I believe that when I am cranky it is better just to be cranky, than to lie and be hypocritical. But it is more than that.

I am struggling with fear and complacency. “A doer who acts –this person will be blessed in what he does” James 1:25. So, if I am cranky am I disobeying? I want to be bold in the spirit. I want to see the blessings from God when I obey.

I believe that obeying is petitioning God, thanking God for what He has blessed me with. Listening. But, sometimes I can be cranky.

I am an encourager. We all have bad or difficult (cranky) days. We need to listen, obey and God will bless our faithful obedience.


I am weary.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

Blessings today, and hopefully, I won’t be cranky tomorrow.