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Cornish Hens

Summer memories.  I have said before that growing up we would BBQ on the weekends.  I am trying some of the recipes now on my family.  Strange how I haven’t really cooked any of these in years.  Too many things going on, I suppose.

You can find Cornish Hens in the freezer section at your grocery store.  Defrost in salted water (helps draw out blood, and flavors the meat).  Once defrosted, cut in half with kitchen scissors or a really sharp knife.

Marinate – I tend to use Italian Dressing especially since it has oil, seasoning, and vinegar to break down the tissue of the meat.  I also add wine.  Whatever is open.  Marinate in the refrigerator for about 2 hours.  Bring out about 45 minutes before the grill is ready.  You should grill these on direct heat.

Grill, over medium-high heat until cooked through.  You will want to check the temperature in the thigh portion (since it is the thickest), and it should read 165 degrees or until the juice runs clear (just like a regular chicken).

I sauce at the end with our blended, store bought BBQ sauce. Let rest for about 5-8 minutes under tented foil.  Serve with your favorite side (we usually do Jasmine rice with BBQ Chicken) this time we made fried potatoes (another post coming soon).

My portion – and yes, I like the wing and drumstick a little charred. 🙂




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