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College, Lupus, and WLS

I have just begun my journey back to school.  At Jacquelyn’s graduation, I felt old sitting there with all of these young people that stuck with what they wanted.  There several that were older in the graduation ceremony.  But…I have remind myself that I have just started again.  I also feel like this past year has been really different in retrospect.

Richburg river

I have stuck with a diet plan and surgery.  I have gone back to full time work.  And, I have started a very long process of getting several degrees.  And, this blog…I have blogged for 5 months.  Crazy.  Walking every morning.  My college classes begin again on the 15th, and I have proven to myself that I can do this.

Following my planner has helped.  I have been keeping up with the day to day routines in my Passion Planner since January.  I think it really has helped.  I keep up with my health as well as my schedule, and most importantly goals.

Bariatric Surgery (WLS) has helped me with being able to function more than just for work.  I know that my body is still adjusting, and I still get flares from doing too much.  But I would rather be able to do most things than nothing at all.

Hair is going away again (on Methotrexate for Psoriasis), and I am not happy about that.  The plaque doesn’t seem to be getting any better, but have to continue it for a while before we make the decision to stop that again.  Fatigue has been bad recently.  But, again wouldn’t change my path (past) for anything.

Remember, May is Lupus Awareness.




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