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Body Adjustments & Lupus

I have been experiencing more Lupus symptoms since my surgery last year.  A big part of my bodies adjustment has been my hair.  I had thicker but still thin hair when I was younger (permed, and colored it -it was the eighties).

Carmen sister 19722015-11-09 13.11.45Then, when I was diagnosed with Lupus it really got thin.  I change my style to a basic bob haircut so I wouldn’t have to place too much stress on my hair, or my arms and shoulders.img_2231With the weight loss surgery I lost even more hair.  After about 7 months, it started growing back.  Curly!  Crazy I know.  Now I am trying to figure out how to style, and take care of the new growth.  And, back to losing it again due to the Methotrexate.  Ugh.

Other things that are giving me fits are the skin changes.  I knew that things would sag, and droop, but with my Sjogren’s, my skin is having a hard time adjusting.  Although I still believe that for me surgery was the best decision.  Adjustments will always be made whether I want them to happen or not.





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