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Sunday Thought

Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?  –Matthew 6:27

I worry.  I think about things that have not one ounce of importance in the moment.  I have been prayerful about staying in the moment.  Everyone is busy with life.  We all have stuff that preoccupies our thoughts when doing something else.

For example: when you are cleaning your bathroom, do you think about the cleaning of your bathroom?  “I need to scrub this tile more.” Nope, not me.  I think about the groceries I need to purchase, or what load of laundry goes in the washer next not the tile and if it gets clean enough.

Those are more mundane tasks that I believe you don’t have to stay in the moment.  Maybe doing your banking, or paying of bills is one of the tasks to stay in the moment?  Maybe in prayer, being thankful for the dirty floor that you are cleaning?  I say this for me.  I need to do this.  I worry that I don’t get enough done in a day.  That I should not only cook dinner, clean up after dinner, but thoroughly clean the kitchen to include sweeping and moping the floor.  Does it happen?  No. But I think about it.  Always.

I worry about my grown children, and the choices they are making.  Does it help to worry? No.  Would it help to pray for them every time I think of it? Yes.  To make this transfer a habit is very conscious decision.  As does every decision to be a better person, right?  To eat health, to change a routine – to add daily exercise, to organize your home, etc.  A mental thought needs to occur, then act upon.

I think about my class work, or items that need to be completed at work, or what needs to be done around the house, all of the time.  Does it give me more time to worry about it?  Do I accomplish any more of it by worrying about it? No, and no.  I think as women we do this more than men.  It adds to my anxiety.  I know it does.

Working on being in the moment, and being thankful for that moment.




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