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Top Nine

That bottom part…where I have 1.9k likes in 2018! Crazy. Thank you for all of the love.

My Instagram…I am not nearly as motivated with it as I have been with this blog, and I still garnered 1.9k in likes!!

Ah…social media.


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Social Media

Last night I shared this picture:

Everyone posted asking if I was okay. The tag line was tired. Just tired. I was ready for bed, and you can see it.

Went to sleep…and got up…not tired. Still have decorations to finish for Christmas, and boxes are everywhere but:

Volunteered this morning in the Raiders concession stand. It was fun. David and Carmen came along to help as well. Our friend Ryen came as well. So nice to spend time with her and to make new friends.

Had to wear a hat…now I have hat hair but a really good day. Still tired but a nap might be in my future.

I didn’t realize I needed to be so aware of my pictures on social media. Everyone genuinely cared that posted their concern with the first picture. I think we need more of those kind of pictures, and the ones with a bit of chaos around us. It is reality. I think I need to see more of them. At least I don’t feel like I am failing at life with everyone doing all of these great things, continuous smiles and happy families. Life happens, and we all go through days of being tired.

So…happy Saturday.