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I subscribe to Real Simple magazine. This is on page 8 of the April 2019 issue.

I love Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery. Fall and spring…more like Spring and October’s are my favorite seasons. We are kindred spirits, I think.

Happy Thursday.


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This is so true for me with my health, home, and work.

I need to reset my attitude in everything pertaining to my body, and it begins with the mind.

Struggling, but aware.

Do you have something you need to change your mindset?


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I am so ready to come home to my guy today (note: it’s not Sam Elliott).

It’s been a great adventure, so happy for Carmen and beginning her career at FSU beginning Monday. Not sure I am ready to cheer for them but so goes life, right?

The adventures with this one has been grand. So excited for her future. Have loved this week with her. But ready to be home to this one…

I am so grateful for him and allowing me to be who I am. Loving my kids as his own. Encouraging all of us to be us…unconditionally. He is amazing. I am grateful, and ready for my lipstick to be smeared.


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We were so busy yesterday from getting to Good Morning America, lunch at Butter Midtown, up the Empire State Building, to Chinatown and Little Italy… back to the hotel all in the cold and rain.

We had to arrive at GMA by 615am. We didn’t know who was scheduled to be on, and Carmen was sort of okay with being there. Then we saw Jonathan Van Ness go into the side entrance, and we both got excited to see him! Then we were told they would have all of the guys from @queereye. πŸ₯° Love watching their show on Netflix, but just following all of them on Twitter is so fun and inspiring. They smiled and waived at us…dorks I know!

I got to go up the Empire State Building, which I didn’t get to do when I was here at 17.

We did the off/on Big Bus tour and saw a lot to the town. It was cold (I know that I’ve already said this) but for us it was really cold. We found a very nice Italian restaurant to have a glass of wine.

We toured the rest of downtown via bus. We really didn’t want to get back out walking in the rain again so we ended up back at the hotel around 7pm.

We ate at the hotel (I know) but it was warm, we didn’t have to leave the hotel (warm and dry), and they had good food. I had their pizza, it was hot and yummy!

We are headed back to DC this afternoon but we had to have a hotdog!

Today is even colder with the wind and rain. Thankful, just thankful for such a good visit. When I come back to NYC, I think it will be in May or June? This Florida (blood is so thin) girl can’t handle the cold.

Tomorrow we travel home so I will post something early.