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Brows and Lashes

I have been wanting to get a tint on my brow and lashes for a while now. I finally did it last Saturday! My before picture with no makeup.  Again no makeup, but my after!! So excited. I won’t have to bother with a makeup pencil or doing anything with my lashes. This is huge for me especially due to my Sjogrens (my eyes are extremely dry and wearing makeup increases the dryness).  This next picture was immediately after having the tint done. I didn’t want to wash it for a while as the longer you wait the LONGER it will last.And then after washing my face, and again with no makeup!! Super happy! I didn’t have to spend time in my brows, or feel like I have to wear eye makeup just to feel put together.  This may only last a month or even a few weeks, but so worth it for me.

What is something that you do just for you that makes you feel wonderful?



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