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Non-Scale Victory (NSV)…I painted my toes the other day.  I live in Florida, and I have been wearing closed toe shoes all winter (here it is October-ish through February).  I wanted to wear my flip flops but my toes were in serious need of pampering.  Our budget is dictating for me not to have a pedicure at this time, so I thought I could do them myself.

Please understand I have not painted my own toes since I was in my twenties! I haven’t been able to reach my toes comfortably for a long while, and didn’t think I could be able to do it well.It isn’t done to my nail tech’s caliber, but I would say not bad.I ended up buying more polish at Target (for a total of $6) for future polish days.  Happy toes!  And, yes, that is a summer schedule of math classes that I am considering for the summer—but not sure yet!



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