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Sunday Thought

“When my alarm goes off hatefully early, I try to console myself with this:  No one is going to get to Heaven and say ‘Man, I wish I’d slept more.'” – Beth Moore

I so feel this way since surgery.   I feel as though everyday I must be doing something, because for years (yes, years) I wasn’t able to do anything but sit and watch life go by.

Yesterday, David and I participated in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk at our local mall.  The walk wasn’t timed or for anything but to bring awareness.  Two years ago I would have felt guilt for not being able to participate.  Now, grateful I can.  Honored to walk for those who have left us too soon.  Honored to walk for those who still fight.

Up early…not liking it…but I LOVE it.

Blessings today.


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