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Dijon Chicken

The day ended like it started, crazy.  So getting dinner on the table was really a miracle for me.  I didn’t take pictures of before or during—completely forgot.  At least I got pictures of the final product.

4 Boneless/skinless chicken thighs
1/4 cup of Dijon mustard
2 T of red wine vinegar
1-2 T Olive Oil
1 T of dried parsley (fresh would be better)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Pat the chicken dry.  Mix together the rest of the ingredients and coat the chicken.  Heat oil in pan, and sear until done.  These could have browned a bit more.  The vinegar added a nice tang with the mustard, and not heavy in taste.


My plate, with sauteed spinach (my favorite, of course).

I made these again last night, but cooked them in my iron skillet.  They browned a bit more, and flavor was better with that searing.

I made a pan sauce from the dripping by adding some wine and butter (1/3 cup wine, 3 pats of unsalted butter), and reduced it by half.  It was really nice over rice (again a standard in our house for the family).



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