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In my past life of eating everything, I loved eating sushi.  All kinds of sushi.  Well, except Uni.  Never have liked it.

But, I could and would eat two or three rolls or consume chirshi don (10 different pieces of sashimi on rice) with miso soup and maybe even a seaweed salad.  Way too much food.

Since my sleeve surgery, I have had sashimi but really no more than 4-5 ounces at a time.  I have missed the combination of flavors that traditional sushi rolls have. I have been talking about eating sushi with a co-worker who has lots of dislikes when it comes to textures and food.  She really doesn’t like a lot of fish either.  So sushi?

Well, all of the talk of what kind of fish to try (if any – hello steak!), made me want some sushi again.

After talking with my long time sushi chef and friend about my cravings, he served me this:

2 pieces of shrimp tempura wrapped in 3 ounces of yellow tail with spicy mayo and green onions (with a little bit of eel sauce).

Oh my!  My taste buds were extremely happy, and so was my tummy.  It brought back the roll flavors I had been missing without any of the rice (yes, the tempura breading is a no-no, but in the grand scheme of things – not so bad).

So thankful.  And, yes I will be having it again – maybe next time with ahi tuna.



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