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Saturday Habits

Habits.  I don’t normally keep up with workouts or diets on the weekends.  At least, I didn’t in my past.

This morning, I walked again.  The past 3 mornings at 530a, I have gotten out of bed, put on my sports bra, socks and shoes, and hit the treadmill.  I haven’t been concerned with what type of workout, just getting up was enough.  I have been walking, but not consistently.

But it has been enough by just getting up and moving.  I have increased my steps for each of the days, and I am up and being productive with the rest of my day (two loads of laundry will be done by 10a).  I was ready to have coffee on Thursday and Friday during work, but I didn’t and it didn’t kill me.  I was off of the treadmill by the time I was normally out of bed.  So no need to change the process of getting ready for the day.  I just added 45 minutes to my day.

It wasn’t easy this morning especially knowing that I could have slept in.  Stayed warm and cozy.  Nope.  I have a goal to hit by May 16, and it is something I can accomplish.  Well, if I don’t drink as much wine between now and then.  Ha.

So, what have you been sticking with the past month?  Anything fun?




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