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LSU & Baby Girl

This week is my Spring Break at the Northwest Florida State College.  I love being able to be off for both school and work.  I do have Math test on Monday when we return, but overall, I have the week off.

Catching up on appointments, the dentist, rheumatologist, and eye doctor all this week.  But…I also get to see Carmen at LSU.  I wasn’t able to move her in last summer (we went on a 50th birthday cruise), and haven’t had the opportunity until now.  I was able to go over on Tuesday, and come home today.

The main event of the trip was to go a LSU Men’s Baseball game on Wednesday evening.  I am all about LSU, Geaux Tigers! except when they play Arkansas.  You know that I LOVE my Razorbacks, win or lose, right?!  We had a great time, cold, but the best part was spending time with Carmen.

They lost in extra innings! 15 Innings to be exact. We got too cold and left after the 14th inning.  We did really try to stay but it was 11pm, and 48 degrees. Ugh. 

Love her.  Loved this time together.





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