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Couple Time

David and I enjoy mini trips with two other couples that we travel with really well.  None of us has to have our way.  We are all very gracious with one another.  I really find that is the key.  If someone doesn’t feel well, we all understand.  If someone really wants to do a side adventure, we all go, or just let them go.  Comfortable with one another. Encouraging to one another.We traveled this past weekend to St. Augustine, Florida.  It is a good six hour drive for us. One of the couples lives in Tallahassee, so we “picked” them up on Friday.  Each couple takes turns for our destination, chooses the place to stay (3 bedroom, 3 bath), and tries to accommodate the date with everyone’s work schedules.  A&J were in charge this time, and we ended up staying at Cinnamon Beach on the Palm Coast South of St. Augustine in this beautiful condo on the beach.
We each plan an evening meal or snacks.  I ended up taking Egg Rolls (yes, again), BBQ meatballs, and nut clusters.  A&J brought chicken fajita to cook, and breakfast quiches.  J&B brought homemade chicken salad that I am still waiting on the recipe. We all take a part. Grateful for what each couple contributes.  Help with clean up and trash.

Our evenings are spent just hanging out and enjoying each others company.  Saturday and Sunday we spent driving into St. Augustine.  The boys enjoyed the history, pizza, jail, Fort, and pirate museum.  The girls enjoyed the shopping, Flagger College (Tiffany Stained Glass), the Lions Bridge, city gate, The Tini Martini Bar and people watching. Again, just being able to say “I want to do this” and all of us say “okay” is a huge thing.I love these peeps.  I get to be myself in all times: anxious, panicked, happy, giddy, goofy, gas pains, and just plain happy.  It was a good trip.  I want to go again tomorrow.  But we will wait just a bit for everyone’s budget to recover.






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