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WLS and Thanksgiving

I received this from Dawn at NO MORE REGAIN… and would like to remind myself that the holiday is okay to eat, but not everything.

So…Dawn says:

The holidays can be fun, full of laughter & memories, but stressful, and exhausting. The good news is they don’t have to get you off track. Follow these simple strategies to stay focused:

  • Don’t skip breakfast, make a plan so that you eat first thing.   Have an egg or a green protein smoothie to balance blood sugars and keep cravings in control.
  • Take a dish you know is safe
  • Fill 75% of your plate with veggies
  • Sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes, this will prevent blood sugar spikes which will send you seeking for sugar
  • Enjoy the turkey or ham, perfect way to get good quality protein
  • Avoid all bread, rolls, noodles, and pasta
  • Avoid sugar, it is addictive and can take you down the wrong track.  Take a dessert that is made from fruit, like baked pear halves with chopped walnuts and a drizzle of honey and a dash of cinnamon or try these Pecan Pie Lara Bars or any of the 20 copy-cat recipes.

Remember, if you want different results you can’t continue doing things the same.   Make Thanksgiving about the people, laugh a lot, play a game, take some pictures and get filled up with love by giving love away.

Thanks Dawn!

I am making roasted vegetables this year, and having both ham and turkey (will post recipes soon) so planning my day not to fail or just plain overeat.

Happy Thanksgiving week—we can do this!


Jerry Ann


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