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Six Months


It has been six months (yesterday) since my Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

First month was terrible. Honestly–terrible.  I had a reaction to the pain medication, didn’t walk when I should have, and was very nauseous.  But… I would not change a thing. Not one.  Nope.

I have gone from 11 daily medications to 3 (one is only once a week instead of daily) but no more daily pill box.

I can walk. Really walk and not be exhausted.  It is odd.  I don’t even realized what I have accomplished until I look back during the day.

The surgery group I have gone through stated that most people over eat and throw up.  Push themselves – push their new stomach.  I have made myself sick and end up hiccuping…painfully…but so far not to the point of throwing up.  I didn’t like that before surgery, I didn’t see myself eating to that point of vomiting.

November 7, 2015–315 lbs

With girlfriends in Helen, Georgia. Was afraid of walking, let alone keeping up with the other family.

May 13, 2016 –283 lbs

November 16, 2016–212 lbs

Same door. Crazy to see how much I filled up the door in the May picture compared to today. Oh, and I wear heels now.

Okay- first goal met.


Jerry Ann




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