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First Steps


This picture was taken 4 months ago at work.  Day one of my liquid diet (with protein shakes-Phase 1).  Weight 293.8. Ugh.

Size 26/28 or 3x to 4x pants and shirts.  Not my largest, and most certainly not my smallest.  Reminder to self that this is day 1.  A beginning again.  I have struggled, as most have, with maintaining diets or even tricking myself by calling it lifestyle change.  Daily criticism from my inner being.   My heaviest was 315 pounds.

Our beaches

Here I am with Carmen August 20, 2006.  My wedding day.  Weight: 276 pounds.  I have gone up and down so much, but there are certain dates I can remember my weight.  The exact weight.  Weighing that morning and thinking I am supposed to be beautiful on my wedding day.  All I could think about was how hard it was going to be to walk on the beach.  How fat I would look in the pictures.

What I ended up thinking about was my new family.  David has been a complete supporter of me.  Not necessarily of my diet plans or choices, but in general 100% my cheerleader.


ProcrastinationI was in Drill Team (dance team) in high school in the 80’s.  I am on the far left of the above picture.  Dancing was wonderful.  I was anywhere from size 12 to an 18/20 during those four years, but I could still dance. I was bullied a lot too, but that is another story for another day.  I even choreographed a lot of the dances then.  I want to be able to kick as high as I used to, well maybe.  I do want to be able to have my nose touch my knees without screaming.  Goals, right?

So…I am a far bit behind in posting my journey.  I will be catching up with you over the next month.  Thank you, and continued prayers and thoughts are appreciated.

Jerry Ann



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