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Changes have been going on here a lot lately.

I have made the choice to have Bariatric Surgery.  I have fought with my weight for as long as I can remember.  I battled my weight even when I didn’t think it was an issue. My mother putting me on diets whether I wanted to lose weight or not.  Dealing with bullies due to my weight or the size of my breasts.  Well, I have finally made the choice that I cannot do it alone anymore.

I will be turning 50 this August, and I truly would like to have help with my weight now.  I know that it is not an easy fix.  I have read, and reread articles telling how difficult it is.

I am on the right path.  Changing.  I don’t believe anyone should stay in the same place forever.  Changes are good, whether we make them or someone does it for us.  David being laid off is a big change.  But one that we should be dealing with for a long time coming. Financially we are struggling-losing the main provider, but this change will make us evaluate the things we don’t have to have to things we need.

Surgery is hopefully not going to pushed aside because of this financial set back.  I have been in process for approval with our insurance for months.  Sharing is very difficult.  Prayers appreciated.

Jerry Ann


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