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Meal Prepping

Since I made sauce for the zucchini lasagna, and I had some extra (score), I decided to go ahead and make some meals for either dinner or lunches for the week.

David is part of a local community theater group, and will be in rehearsals all week. So I will be on my own for dinner.

I had a sweet potato, sliced, chopped.  Add a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper.  Bake at 350 degrees until soft and tender.I also had spiralized some zucchini – made some noodles.Three bowls with some zucchini, sweet potatoes, and…Added the meat sauce, and then parmesan cheese of course! Four meals…well, one is zucchini noodles with some olive oil, salt and pepper – with shrimp that I had sauteed as I had ran out of meat sauce.This week was so much better for meal planning and prepping.  I felt so much better about dinners, and lunches and my overall health.

How was your week?  Did you plan/meal prep?


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Zucchini Boats – Low Carb

Low-carb diet.  Yep.  I am doing this…to try to get some of this weight off.  Losing some will help me manage my health…or at least try to manage my health.  This will be first of many recipes, hopefully. 

Brown ground beef, and onion (I had a purple one – use what you have).

 Clean zucchini, and remove the seeds or pulp from the middle.
 This creates “little” boats.
 Take the hamburger, onion, add the pulp, and Parmesan cheese.

 Fill the boats with the hamburger mixture.  Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes or until
cheese melts, and golden brown.