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Carmen’s Thoughts

Hey, y’all! It’s Carmen again. As most of you know, my mom has Lupus and had gastric sleeve surgery to aid with symptoms. I wanted to take a minute to talk about how this surgery from last year impacted me.

Before my mom had the sleeve surgery, Lupus kicked her butt. She had “down days” where she felt so fatigued and pained that she could barely move in her chair in the living room. She had to turn down outings with friends and family because her Lupus made her feel so tired (the “Spoon” theory is so great at explaining it).

Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2016. It had been just a few months since Mom had the surgery, and I couldn’t keep up with her when we were Black Friday shopping. She had so much energy, and I didn’t know what to do! It was like she was an entirely new person.

This summer, we went to Disney World – Mom’s first time to Disney since the weight loss surgery. When she was first diagnosed with Lupus, walking around the parks took a toll, and we rented a scooter to help Mom get around. This time, I wanted the scooter. Sure, there were moments that we both wanted to sit on a bench in the air conditioning, but it was so amazing to see her so full of life and enjoyment.

Since Mom has all this new energy, I feel inspired (or obligated) to get in shape myself so I can keep up with her. My excuse that I’m a typical tired college student can’t work this time, because Mom is also going back to school while working full time at the college (it’s awesome that we call each other and complain about classes – FINALLY she understands). 🙂

It has been an adjustment, but it’s definitely one for the better. I’m so thankful that Mom would have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) as much now. She still has a down day or two, but instead of Lupus kicking her butt, she’s showing it who’s the real boss.

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Carmen’s Thoughts – Guest Post

Hey, y’all! I’m Carmen, Jerry Ann’s daughter, and I have the pleasure of being today’s guest blogger!

One of the many hobbies I have when I’m not studying (which I need to do more of) is playing some of the Nancy Drew computer games. I started playing them when I was around ten years old, and was going through my closet this summer and found them, so I decided to replay (and finish) a few of them, and I got hooked again.

These games scared me when I first played them. I was/am a wimp. The first game I played, I wasn’t paying attention to clues (Nancy Drew No-No #1) or trying to pick up random objects that you might need for a later challenge (ND No-No #2), and somehow I blew up a high school because I couldn’t figure out how to fix a boiler and ended up dying. My brave ten-year-old self shoved the games in a box and never played them again.

Fast forward to the present, where people smarter than me figured out not only how to play these games, but made YouTube tutorials for them and online walkthroughs. I totally looked these up on my phone while playing, and I conquered not only the dreaded boiler room (maintenance elevators are Nancy’s downfall in many a game), but also caught the culprit. So much adrenaline, so many weird looks from my family when I jumped up and down.

Dad got me a few of the more recent games, and some of them scare me (am I an adult? that’s really debatable), but they’re so awesome. Much like reading the books when I was younger, I love finding out the plots and drama between the characters and the case. I always come back to a few questions though: why can’t Nancy go on a vacation without diffusing a bomb? Why isn’t she in the CIA or something yet? Is her dad okay with her going all over the world sticking her nose in other people’s business?

I would love to go into more details about the games, but I have exams to study for that don’t involve solving other people’s problems (wait…I’m in accounting…that’s EXACTLY what the exams will involve…). Until next time!