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Saturday Afternoon

Super Regional at Arkansas…college baseball baby!

Arkansas won today against Ole Miss 11-2. Tomorrow is game two.

This is my favorite place with our Dexter watching the game on ESPN while it rains in Florida. I have to say this has been a nice afternoon.

Happy Saturday.

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Nope raccoon that David has named Rocket.   Dexter found this little one outside, apparently fallen from the next.  It was in the middle of the day, so we brought it inside to warm up until night fall.  

We did follow the instructions as to try to get her back to her Mom. We also knew not to feed or give the any water.  David found out that warming uncooked rice in a sock for 30 seconds in a microwave would keep them warm for a longer period of time. 

Abby was not happy about the little one in the house at all.


So it turned out that Rocket was a Rosie.  Mom never did come back to get them.  After a long night, and lots of inside warming time, and outside for Mom to find them time.  David took them to the Wildlife Refuge on first thing Monday morning.  

David contacted the refuge on Thursday morning to check on them.  Rocket ended up passing after a couple of hours after David had dropped them off.  But Rosie is thriving!  Our hearts are both happy and sad.


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NaBloPoMo 2012 -Day 15

Dexter is the name of our dog.  We have had him now for almost 5 years.  He is a great dog, very loving, friendly (most of the time), and playful.  He is some sort of rat terrier, and is about 25 pounds.

We have taught him some tricks to do for treats such as: speak, sit, lay down, roll over, stand up, twirl (stand up spin), and bang-bang (play dead).  He knows what the difference is with his ball (tennis ball), bone (chew bone), and rope (play rope).  He is very smart.  I believe that he has trained us well. ha.

He likes to go for car rides.  He is like most dogs when riding in the automobiles of their owners, sticking his nose out to capture every smell.

Please excuse the photo quality (taken with my phone and backwards at that, but being safe -at stops).  Here he is nose out the window, acting like a regular dog.
And no more than 5 minutes later, he is sitting in his seat.  He acts like he needs a car seat.  I swear, he is a person sometimes, well most of the time.  He certainly acts like it, especially riding in the car.  He will get bored with the smells and sit for a while.  He will lay down and nap if he is tired, or we are going farther than he expected.
He is family.  We love him.
Jerry Ann