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One Piece

Uhm yeah.  Happy Wednesday.


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Triple Berry Cobbler

Cobbler mixes are a fun way to make something quick and tasty without a lot of planning or work. I had some frozen berries (blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries), and added about 1/2 cup of sugar.I also added zest from a lemon, and some lemon juice.First let me clarify, yes, I used frozen berries and expected them to defrost and get the same results from fresh fruit.  I didn’t the same results as the fruit ended up being a bit more mushy.  However, let it sit, and macerate.Find a good cobbler mix like the Louisiana Fish Fry Cobbler Mix.  I love this because you are truly able to use fresh, frozen or canned fruit.  We can keep it in the pantry and mix something up in a flash.  I forgot to take an after picture.  My old age I suppose.  But if you want to see what one would look like, I had originally posted about the cobbler here.

Happy Friday!  What are you cooking this weekend?


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Wednesday was my mother-in-law’s birthday.  She turned 76.  David’s brother was hosting dinner, and had asked for us to get the cake and ice cream.  She likes yellow cake with chocolate icing.

I haven’t made a cake in a very long time (like over ten years).  Pies, Bundt cakes, cup cakes or brownies – no problem.  Birthday cake?  Okay, so I cheated.  Got a boxed cake, and icing.  No biggie.

I forgot to take pictures, and now the cake is trashed.  It fell over on the way back home.  This is the only evidence that I even made the cake. Ha.

It was a hit, and she loved it.  Score.  I also realized that I missed baking, and that I need to bake more.