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Junk Food and Irma

I don’t know why but you must purchase a ton of junk food for hurricane prep.  You are not allowed (ha) to purchase anything healthy, because you will be without electricity and must eat Cheetos, or Chex mix.

Most of my friends who live in the Panhandle of Florida were anticipating a worse outcome with Hurricane Irma.  I know that I seem to be making light of a subject that has most people in South Florida without their homes, or still without power, but I am not.  I am certain that if a Cat 4 was headed our way, we would have done things a bit differently.

But…we didn’t.  We went to the store, and have plenty of food for days (and water).  But I didn’t have Cheetos.  Or snack size chocolate.  Or wine.  Hello!  Some of the stores closed in anticipation of a much worse storm in the afternoon yesterday (Sunday).  I had David run to pick up more of the essentials…Cheetos, and chocolate before they closed.

We are fine, and have family and friends in South Florida that we will be helping if needed.  But for some reason most of my friends have been eating junk food for days in preparation for Irma.  We had to restock.

Praying for those in the path of Irma.  Praying for those in the West with the fires.  Praying for Jose to go away.  I really don’t need to eat anymore Cheetos.



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