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Sunday Thought

Storms.  Hurricane Harvey.  Life.  Anxiety.

“A bad storm can blow in a beautiful season.  The Bible proves over and over that how something begins does not get to dictate how it ends.” – Beth Moore

The storm and flooding from Hurricane Harvey is devastating today and it will continue for a while longer.  I have family in Houston, and friends close by.  Worried about them, and will be there if needed.

The quote above reminds me that in the midst of whatever we are going through, God will shine if allowed.  I have to remind myself that homework is a gift.  That I get to do it.  I know that homework is nothing in comparison to a hurricane – please know that.

I have had many opportunities to do different things in my life.  This one has caused more anxiety that others.  I have to be perfect, right?  No.  Only Christ.  Only Christ is the perfect one.  I can strive to be perfect, but will fail daily.  Failing is okay (okay, maybe not with class).  Stumbling is better.  Remembering to get back up after the fall is even better.

Remembering that storms bring rainbows.  We just have to wait for them to come.

My anxiety is much like a storm.  It comes in waves, hard and heavy.  After it passes, I can see the rainbows.  I don’t remember how bad the storm is really, just that I got through it.  Wanting to get through my storm today.



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