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Dream House

Would you rather live in the city in the middle of everything or in the outskirts of town on a couple of acres of land?  No yard maintenance, or a field of gardens?

I love where I live, but I think I would love to be elsewhere.  Just dreaming of a place where people don’t park in our yard.  I told David that I would rather have a condo on the beach (downsize) with no maintenance, or a one story 4-5 bedroom house on five or six acres for a garden and chickens-not too far out of town, but enough to have land.  He wants a bigger house, but in town without a lot of yard.  Ugh.  He doesn’t like yard work, so you would think that he would enjoy a condo.  But.

This won’t happen any time soon, but it doesn’t hurt to dream a little.

Happy Saturday –blessings.


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