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Project Runway 

I saw the advertisement for the new season of Project Runway Season 16 last night to begin this week.  The show is a definite indulgence for me (and drives David crazy as he doesn’t like it).

I usually love this show just on the basic fashion and sewing competition.  This season however, excites me even more due to the fact that they will be using models in a range of sizes – from a size 2 to a 22!!!!! LOVE THIS.

Even though I have lost weight, I love seeing opportunities for larger women to feel confident in their clothes– joy.  So many clothing companies (in my past) made me feel like I should always wear black, and my arms are four feet long.  More exposure on all types of media to showcase women in all sizes is for the better I think.

What are your television indulgences?  Food?  Housewives (ugh)?






2 thoughts on “Project Runway 

  1. Oh I love catfish, especially fried in cornmeal. How do you like your catfish? Hallmark mysteries? I really haven’t gotten into the Hallmark channel. Suggestions?


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