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David’s Thoughts

Hello, it’s David again! Today, I wanted to write about another aspect of my life with Jerry that has changed since her weight loss surgery – food and eating. Now, I know that sounds like an obvious point, and I knew that Jerry’s diet would have to change after her surgery, but I didn’t really understand the effect that would have on both of us.

First, a bit of history – throughout the majority of our relationship, both Jerry and I were overweight. Food and eating were a major part of our time together, and we both genuinely enjoyed not just the dining, but dining with each other. And, given our mutual love of food, our dining was rarely a restrained activity. Meals out typically included appetizers, large entrées, and desserts. Combined with a lack of exercise, it is no surprise that, at our heaviest, together we tipped the scales at over 600 pounds.

Since her surgery, Jerry’s food intake has been a mere fraction of what she used to eat. Which has affected how I eat, simply because I have lost my “partner in crime”! 🙂 When we go out now, if we order an appetizer, it’s only because it is her meal (appetizers are typically small enough for Jerry to eat without hurting herself, or wasting a lot of food.) I do still order full entrées for myself, but dessert is a rarity now. It’s just not as much fun digging into a piece of chocolate cake by myself…

Now, while I am still quite heavy, Jerry’s significant weight loss has inspired me. As I mentioned in my last post, one of the most exciting parts of her transformation has been my hope for more time with her. However, as she routinely reminds me, if she is going to sticking around, then I better get healthy to make sure I am there with her! And so, I have been trying. Since her surgery, I have been keeping a closer eye on my own eating. I have lost about 30 pounds from my heaviest, but I would still like to lose another 15-20. If for no other reason than to help me maintain the energy I need to keep up with Jerry now!

So, with my posts, I hope I have helped show that weight loss surgery affects more people than just the patient. But every change has been worth it, and continues to be.



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