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5 Love Languages

So the other night, David and I were watching “A Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” and someone made the comment in the movie about being married takes out the romance of the relationship.  I snickered.  David took offense.  We have different definitions of romance, and we both realized that at that moment.

The 5 Love Languages talks about how you like/love and how your partner receives those same things.  I have the book from years ago.  I even got the one for parents and kids to discover how to communicate with your children.

Well, we are learning to communicate again.  We are in a different place with the kids gone out of the house.  We are in a different place.  And, I am learning who I am again.

So, in The 5 Love Languages, you basically break down what brings you joy.  Mine are receiving gifts, personal touch, acts of service, quality time, and words of affirmation.  I had forgotten how important gifts are to me.

David made me a gardening bench out of pallets he found.  Completely blew me away last year.  (It popped up on my Facebook memories feed.)13166716_1131160830269618_122406483_nHaven’t used it like I want to, but in the next few weeks I will be doing some yard, and gardening.

I am trying to remind myself that these are just small snippets of our personalities, and that we are really good.  But I also believe that we need to grow, and adapt to not only to each other but to oneself.

More to come.




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