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Tea Forte Kati Tea Cup

I spoke about the African Honeybush Sangria Tea that I brewed yesterday, but didn’t tell you about the cup itself.  It is a Tea Forte Kati Cup.  It lets you brew 12 ounces of loose tea, has this great strainer, and a lid for steeping.  I have several of them.  The one below is Birdsong, and I have the Poppy Fields Kati Cup at work.  Carmen has the Cherry Blossom at LSU (although it is mine, I have let her borrow it for now).

img_4781img_4784You can add the perfect amount of loose tea.  Pour the hot water over, and let steep.img_4785The strainer fits in the cup perfectly, letting you see the water so you don’t over fill.  It is easy to remove, and clean (all 3 pieces are dishwasher safe).img_4787

Easy to use, clean, and love the patterns (my personal opinion).  I am thinking about purchasing one of their tea kettle’s for 24 ounce brewing.  But that is another day.



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