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African Honeybush Sangria Tea

At the last 5k in downtown Fort Walton Beach, we attended the local Farmer’s Market held at the Landing.  I am in love with one of my purchases.  K&G Blended Tea’s are wonderful, and my newest purchase has become a daily brew.

It has honeybush tea, peaches, strawberries, cherries, mango fruits blended together for this natural sweet tea.  It steeps up quickly, and doesn’t have caffeine so it’s okay if I want to drink it in the evening.  I normally have it hot with a bit of raw honey, but it can be served either hot or cold.  I am in love.


You can see the dried fruit.  So yummy.

I especially enjoy it during math homework. Ugh.  Doesn’t make the task of homework any easier, just feels like it does.



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