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I have been struggling with a lot of anxiety the past couple of days.  I have taken baths with Epsom Salts, and Lavender oil.  I have been diffusing Peace & Calming II, and Lavender oils at home, and I have been using my Tranquil roll on during the day.  They help a bit, but I seem to wind back up fairly easy.

I can’t seem to be calm, and stay that way.  I think, as women, we tend to anticipate what we should next before we complete the step we are on.  There was a .GIF years ago showing a maze with lots of blue balls moving around indicating a women’s brain.  I so think many of us are this way.  I also think technology has hurt me due to immediate interface.  Such as, that I can ask Siri for a definition and receive the answer, before I can get a dictionary and find the word.  Sometimes I miss getting up, and finding the dictionary.

What do you do to stay in the moment?  What do you do to for anxiety?




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