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Processes of grief.  So many of us are going through grief in some manner.  Losing a loved one is always difficult whether you expect it or not.

Image result for pictures of the processes of grief

I like this graph.  I refer to it often to remind myself life is a process.  Grief is normal, and the feelings I experience are normal as well.  It has been ten years since my Mom has passed this February.  Waves of emotion with sadness, anger, loneliness, and guilt resurfaced when we were in Arkansas after Christmas.   But they didn’t last long.  The waves weren’t as high, or as fierce as they are when the grief is fresh.  Just being there in my old hometown caused ways of emotions.  So many of them were happy, but with the trees without their leaves everything seemed sad.

Grief isn’t just about death.  The grief process is associated with loss of anything significant.  Moving to a new area.  Loss of a job.  Separation or Divorce. Different stages hit each person differently.

Like I said, too many people going through grief right now.  Hugs to you.





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