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Tea Collections

I have an obsession with tea cups. Well, tea cups, tea cups and saucers, tea pots, and loose tea.  Really anything to do with tea.  Saucers, infusers, tea warmers, coffee cups, espresso cups, anything to do with tea.

My mother had a Sammeltassen.  This is a German term for a collection of tea cups with saucers and a dessert plate.  She had two complete tea sets with the tea or coffee pots, sugar and creamer, and a set of tea cups.  These were served during a Kaffeeklatsch (an informal social gathering for coffee and conversation) that was often a show of your talents for baking of German sweets.  I inherited these, and have added many more to the collection.  Although, I don’t have Kaffeeklatsch’s, I do like to showcase my collection, and use the sets on special occasions.

I tend to seek out tea shops when we travel, and purchase a tea cup (if I found a one that speaks to me) as a souvenir.  On our most recent trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas (to visit a sweet friend that lost her husband), we visited the Savoy Tea Co on the square.  The shop is the perfect tea store.  Lots of teas to smell, samples to taste, order one or two drinks, and sit in, sip and chat.

I ended up purchasing several sample teas, and this great teacup and pot set.  I love the pattern. Sweet. Feminine. Floral.

The tea (this one was Sippin’ on Gin & Jupe) is yummy, and tastes even better in my new floral tea cup.  If you get a chance stop by their shop.  (Strictly my opinion, not a sponsor.)





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