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Weight Loss Surgery (WLS), Egg Rolls and Routines

Well, in my previous post about Egg Rolls, I talked about Carmen learning how to prepare them.  Well…the egg rolls smelled so wonderful…so.

Limitations. I could only eat two of them, and they were somewhat small.  I did choose to eat the more protein filled ones, and tried not to eat all of breading. They were yummy, but not something I can eat everyday.

Choosing what to eat over the holiday break was more difficult than I had planned. Isn’t life that way?  During my normal routine of work (8a-430p), I take a P3 Protien Pack and maybe another snack.  I do fairly well with this routine.  Being around food over the holiday made me want other things even though I had some P3’s to eat.

Everyday, first thing I drink one of these Bolthouse Farms Protein Shakes.  I am in love with the coffee one.  I drink one 15 ounce every morning, and that gives me 30 grams of protein for the day.  The P3’s average 11-13 grams, so that adds to the 80-90 grams of protein I have to have everyday.  I will talk more about my daily schedule in a later post.

WLS has changed how I see food, and really try to look for what benefits the food can give me.  Not just to eat whatever is in front of me.  Protein first, then vegetables and not many of those just yet.  So far, cooked carrots, green beans, and spinach are my favorites that don’t hurt my tummy.

Baby steps…





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