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Baby Poop

Yes, poop.  You really can’t tell what is going on with an infant 0-18 months until they are able to communicate with something other than crying. So…

A new Mom asked me about her daughter’s poop (by accident the baby pooped in the bathtub, and having to clean up the baby and the poop from the drain the Mom discovered worm like objects in her daughter’s poop), and if it was worms?  My first reaction when listening to her tell me about the incident in detail, was bananas.  So I ask if she was uncomfortable at all, like crying in the middle of the night?  No.  Had she eaten a banana recently?  Yes, everyday.  String like items? Yes.  Well, sometimes processed bananas can look wormy like they do when you bake banana bread.  Ah….

I did tell her not to feed the baby bananas, and to watch the poop for a couple of days just to make sure that it was dietary and not worms.  But if they remained to contact her pediatrician.

The relief on the young Mom’s face was evident, and I once again realized I have boundless knowledge of nothing.

Happy Sunday. Blessings,

Jerry Ann


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