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Cinnamon Swirl Bundt Cake

My mother used to make this cinnamon swirl Bundt cake every Fall.  I have missed it for a long while.

We signed up to bring breakfast to our Sunday School class, and I thought about being lazy and just getting donuts, or something fast/quick.  But then I remembered that Bundt.

I still had a cake mix in the pantry, why not try to re-create it.  So I did.  Mom said that there was supposed to be a glaze on the top, but she didn’t do it.  I just added powdered sugar on top.  It is very sweet, but a great sweet swirl cake.


2014-09-13 00.10.24-1

1 Cup of chopped Pecans

2014-09-13 00.12.35

In a separate bowl,

1 Cup Flour

1 Cup Brown Sugar (packed firm)

1 Stick butter (real, no salt added)

1 Tablespoon Cinnamon

Mix everything together until the butter is in little bits.

2014-09-13 02.05.02

Add the pecans.

2014-09-13 02.07.02


Spray or butter your Bundt pan, and then flour coat it.

2014-09-13 02.10.04

The place half of the flour/sugar/pecan mixture in the bottom.

2014-09-13 02.10.58

Mix the cake mix per their instructions.  I add 1 cup of mayo to it. Always.

2014-09-13 02.20.43

Place half of the cake mix over the crumb mixture.

2014-09-13 02.16.30

Add the rest of the flour/sugar/pecan mixture evenly over cake batter.

2014-09-13 02.17.59

Then the rest of the batter.

2014-09-13 02.19.47

Bake per the instructions on the cake mix.  Cool for ten minutes then invert.

Let stand for another ten minutes, then remove Bundt pan.

2014-09-13 04.15.58

Wait until the cake is completely cool before adding the powdered sugar.

2014-09-13 05.01.09


2014-09-13 23.38.21-1

It is a moist, sweet cake.  Great for Fall or anytime.



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