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Why do you need your bestie?  Yes, best friend.

Phone…I have a bench from my Mom that she referred to as a “gossip bench.”  It used to have the phone on it’s shelf, and underneath the shelf a telephone directory (all of her family, and important numbers), and a telephone book.  You could sit by the phone (well, you had to – the phone cord was short and connected to the wall), and chat for hours.  This is before cordless phones, and most certainly, cell phones.  I remember sitting there for hours chatting to friends.  I truly can talk for hours, and hours.  Talk about troubles, funnies, irritants, and just general stuff.

Friend. How often do you talk to your friend?  Sometimes I wish that telephones were still connected to walls.  So you would need to sit and think about what was being said.  You took time to talk.  Not always on the way to the store, or later.

I look at my bench, and always think of my friends.  Now it is a spot for things to be dumped, and not ever in its appropriate place.  Or for the cat to sleep away the hours.  I wish there was a phone, and time to spend hours on the phone with my best friend.


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