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I love making cards.  Once a month, Julie (wonderful, crafty friend), who sells Stampin’ Up, hosts a stamp-a-stack weekend. I always feel NOT crafty when I attend these things.  Julie always is the first to tell you that she follows directions, and will take from scrapbook pages or other ideas and make it her own.

I loved learning this technique.  We weaved ribbon around a card stock.  I fumbled around a lot this day (my hands were not cooperating), but it was so worth it.  Ribbon, card stock, color paper, and a stamp.  Simple, and really cute.

And then – change the paper, and ribbon…and you have a completely different look.  
This is really great for using up extra ribbon.  
 And, then this rose:
Tear some paper.  Emboss the white outer part of the rose.  Water paint (yes, with drops of ink on a wet card).  Blot if you wanted it lighter (which I did), but I LOVE the effect.  You can also dry with an embosser.

Then Marie (another crafty friend – jealous!) had a workshop, and Julie had to step it up.  And we did!  

These bubbles are a riot!  Fun, and really easy.  

These petals almost killed me, but OH did I feel crafty!  And, I think I could repeat what I did. 
Simple concept, and very easy, just detailed.

You can find her here… 

Tell her where you found her!  =)


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