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Carmen’s and Stephen’s Spring Ball

Carmen participated in The Cotillion this year again.  It is a formal dinner dance held at the Emerald Coast Conference Center on Friday evening. They enjoy a dinner, and an orchestra for dancing.  They practice dances such as swing, salsa, tango, and waltz throughout the year, and then have the opportunity to show off their learned skills.  Carmen’s ball is formal, long gowns, white gloves (we forgot them this time), and men in tuxes.

It is really a wonderful time for dress-up as well.
This was the first time that Carmen wore her hair straight and down.  I found it quite 
becoming.  She looks much older than a new 17 year old.
Ara and Carmen, one of the beau’s at the dance.
Stephen also had his Spring Ball this month at the Conference Center.  He participates in the National Junior Cotillion.  They have their events monthly with practices at each, and then have the grand ball.  Their event was formal as well, but not required to have a tux.  The ladies are required to wear hand gloves.
He is growing into such a gentlemen.  Stephen has always been caring, and sensitive.  
He likes to dance, and has figured out that girls like boys that dance.  He is all about that.  
I am amazed at their growth not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally.  They have gracious personalities.  Although they still get along, they seem to irritate each other more these days.  I don’t know about you, but I believe that when children dress up, they seem like they behave better.  Crazy concept, I know, but I really believe it.  =)  I love them so. 

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