The latest news of Michael Jackson passing brought many memories of high school drill team. It seemed we always had a dance to one of his songs. Oh, the 80’s. One of my favorite routines was “PYT” – pretty young thing. Snaps, and a head pop back and front. Wow…that’s all I remember of that one. ha. Thriller – showing my children that video after seeing “13 going on 30” and realizing how old I am. He is our generations Elvis. Too much in the news. Too many tears for a star searching for importance.

Farrah – memories of being in my parents den, laying on a love seat pretending to be asleep watching “Charlies Angels.” It was past my bed time, and I so wanted to watch that show. I so wanted my hair to be like hers, but who didn’t. Such a strong lady with her battle with cancer.

Childhood. Wonderful memories.

My Mom’s birthday is June 30th…and how I would love to have her for a moment or two…just to sit and hold her hand. I miss her stroking my hair. Happy Birthday Mom. She would have been 73.

2 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Well, I don't see Billy Mays on this list. I mean, how will people ever learn about the power of Oxy Clean without him? I tear up just looking at the volume button on my remote control…why, Billy??? WHY?!?!?


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