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Time to play catch up

I have to say, that I never thought I would have to play catch up with a blog. I have been terrible about taking pictures while cooking, but if you continue reading, I have taken pictures about other things.

It has been crazy busy at our house the past couple of weeks.

Stephen and Carmen finished up 6th and 10th respectively.


Stephen made A/B Honor Roll – Yeah! The biggest accomplishment for him was actually seeing what happens when he studies. He will just review a subject before a test, take the test, make anywhere from a “C” to a “F”. He failed one test scoring a 41 (vocabulary words and definitions) doing this type of studying. I explained it to him, that he was a lot like me, and needed to slowly study throughout the week, absorbing the information over time. We reviewed the material together, and he studied all week. The last day of school he brought home all of his papers…and in that pile of papers… a 100% on the vocab test. YEAH! He looked at me and said, “I think I know how to study this now.”

Stephens Baseball ended well. I think (yes, think) that they finished 2nd…but truthfully I don’t remember and really don’t care as long as they were not last. Yes. They were last – last year.

He received the award of most improved player. He deserved it. He made 3 outs of the season, and compared to last year, that is three more than last year.

Proud. He should be.

Juno’s Sushi!

I have to say, that I have been in withdrawals. I have loved sushi for 20 years now. One person’s sushi in particular – Juno for the past 5 years. He used to work at a Japanese restaurant about 3 years, then another. He ended leaving and opening his own restaurant! We are so happy. The quality is high, and the flavors wonderful. We went without sushi or if we just had to have some it was from Publix while he was renovating his new restaurant.

David and I have eaten there twice or three times before telling the kids. They love sushi. Carmen will eat most everything. Stephen is more choosy. But, today – oh today, it was Carmen and I.

I finally got Juno to place my roll (he named it after me mainly because I could never pronounce the proper way to say what type of roll it is) on his specials board. Raw salmon, green onion, masago (fish eggs), spicy mayo, crunchy’s, soy bean paper (instead of Yaki Nori), rice. Yum. It is even better when he adds avocado.

Jerry Roll and Dragon Roll

However, today was nigiri pieces of saba (mackerel), fresh salmon, and squid with masago, and a red devil roll (tempura shrimp, cucumber, chili sauce, avocado on the inside, and Krab on the outside with eel sauce). Carmen had the Jerry Roll and a Dragon Roll. I had the nigiri pieces, and the Red Devil roll.


Day one of not being in school, my daughter decides it is time to kick butt on Guitar Hero. She has always been the one (besides David) to really take hold of the guitar part. She has been on Medium for a long while, and the 1st day of summer —-Expert level.

She is a proud young lady…and we are proud of her. But, not for guitar hero…no.

She has been looking for a job…and has gotten her first paycheck from the church. She has been working on Sunday mornings during early service in our preschool. She made $14.00. Woohoo!

Carmen did great in school as well. Some of her art work is a bit odd, but showing of her abilities to think outside the box, and hopefully she will continue to enjoy art.


I know that I have posted some pictures of the sunsets while David and the kids have fished. I have become fascinated with them now, and the way they change from the actual colors to the colors on the camera. Some of the pictures that I have taken recently, the water looks iridescent with purples and pinks.

I think it is gorgeous and comes through on the picture quite well.

The moon cooperated this time. And, so I have discovered I like sunsets and the moon glow.

I think this one is my favorite now.

I now know what I want for Christmas, and Mother’s Day, and all of the birthday’s in the future…a new camera. Preferably a Nikon D90. Ree (pioneer women) uses one…and I am in awe of her pictures.

One thought on “Time to play catch up

  1. What a great, interesting family!! I have two kids as well, 18-yr-old daughter and 14-yr-old son. Great news about the paycheck – isn't that cool when money rolls in? lol – and I LOVE the artwork. Very creative and nice use of contrasting ideas combined with color hues. Blessings to you and all YOUR blessings! 🙂


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