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Sickness and Soup

I had some tummy issues on last week, and ended up being nauseous the majority of the weekend. In the past (prior to gastric sleeve) I would have a Sprite and some saltines. Well, I can’t have carbonated beverages now, and can have have crackers but not very many. So soup.

I had some roasted garlic cloves, and some raw ginger. I added them to a small pot with about a quarter cup of onion with some olive oil.After sauteeing for about 2-3 minutes, I added salt, pepper, and some fresh thyme.Then I added some chicken broth (low sodium) and brought it to a slow simmer.I ended up adding dried parsley, and more thyme leaves, and let it simmer for a few minutes more.  It was just what I needed.  I had some saltines crackers as well, but the broth was the answer to my tummy issues.

I think I am going to replicate this broth, and maybe add in roasted chicken or even shrimp as it was that good.  The roasted garlic and fresh ginger really added depth of flavor.  David enjoyed it as well.

What is your comfort food when your stomach ailes you?



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