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Rosetta’s Black Beans

When we visited family in DC, we had some incredible meals that were primarily vegetarian. Rosetta was the cook for portions of the meals, and I asked for several of her recipes. This is one of her recipes. She made black beans that were so simple but so good that I had to make them.I used dried black beans, and soaked them overnight in cold water. First thing the next morning, I rinsed them.Pour the rinse beans into a pan and cover with water. Add salt, pepper, olive oil (just a bit), and two cloves of garlic minced to the pot. Bring to boil and cook until the beans are tender. You might need to add more water, please watch and taste after about a hour of low simmer.

You can serve these beans as is, or mushed on tortillas, or over rice! So good. So simple. Really good.I used mine in nachos. Loved the flavors. Simple and really good.Pictures really don’t show how good these beans are.  I loved that something so simple could be so good.



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