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Two Ingredient Bread

Yes! Two Ingredient Bread…Use equal parts of non-fat Greek yogurt, and self-rising flour.  I used two cups of each due to the fact I wanted to try several recipes.   I kept the dough in the refrigerator in a sealed container after it was mixed and kneaded. Mix, kneed, and use.My first attempt was bread knots, and they were okay.  Section off some, roll out, and twist and bake.I did use an egg wash, as suggested on one website, although it didn’t add anything. to my liking.Second attempt was bread sticks, and again they were okay-a bit better due to the fact that I added caraway and sesame seeds to them.  (Should have used the egg wash here.)I liked the chew of the bites a little bit better.  My thoughts are that keeping them thinner took away some of the bite in the knots.

I will be trying the meat pies and pizza later on in the week.

So…have you tried this magically bread?  What results did you have?



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