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Sunday Thought

Needs versus wants.  I really thought I had everything I needed, until I met someone without a home.  A friend from my past posted that they needed help, and I jumped.  I have gotten burned again, but it doesn’t stop me from giving.  Although would I do it again?  Yes.  I will always help but in a different way.  It is my heart that hurts to hear that someone might be sleeping in their car.

We live pay check to paycheck as I am sure a lot of people do.  We have over extended ourselves, and are surviving.  All I could think about was not having my home.  Just one more job loss, or tragic event and we could be in the same boat.

These friends just can’t seem to crawl out of their despair.  I was warned before I helped them, as apparently, they have done this to several friends.  They have gone to them over and over asking for help with no apparent way out.  Lost.  Stephen asked me why they couldn’t stay with family.  They had said they couldn’t go back to them.  I believe that they have exhausted themselves with most everyone here.

They wrote to me after an altercation with David (he came asking for more money) saying that they felt like scum, and ashamed.  That they wouldn’t be coming to us again, that we have helped enough.

I don’t believe we have helped them in the correct way.  Giving them money wasn’t the answer.  I am not sure how to help them at this point because it has gone on so very long, but my heart wants to help.  I continue to search for answers feeling lost.

“People need to know that Jesus set us free from cycles of destruction we’d been in for years.  People CAN change.  Give somebody hope.” – Beth Moore





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